Menù à la carte


Truffle Zabaglione Cream with whole Weath Bread € 10,00
Shrimps steamed with wasabi, crispy mortadella and wholemeal bread
€ 14,00
Sqid stew with petals and soft polenta € 14,00
Sea Bass fillet rolled with pistachos and pin nuts in a sweet and sour sauce € 16,00
Grilled pork secreto, wine sauce served with cream of potatoes
€ 16,00



Bow tie fresh egg pasta with baccalà and broccoli
€ 15,00
Timbale of rice with fresh, local vegetables
€ 14,00
Duck ravioli in a waffle of traditional filling
€ 15,00
Ribbon pasta with "Natalina's" cheese, black cabbage and Lamon beans
€ 15,00
Egg-Tagliolini with truffle and Castelmagno cheese
€ 16,00


Perch fillet from Lake Garda, marinated in cedar with seared fennel
€ 17,00
Poached Carp served with potatoes and mayonnaise
€ 18,00
Pork fillet in a mushroom crust with blueberry jam and lightly spicy pumpkin
€ 18,00
Lamb Chops medium rear with ginger served with autumnal root vegetables
€ 19,00
Tagliata of Garronese Veneta beef, in a cereal crust served with greens and roast potatoes
€ 20,00